About Us

Hong Kong Generation Next Arts Limited(HKGNA) is a registered charity founded in 2009. HKGNA’s Mission is to inspire and nurture artistic excellence and personal success in our next generation of young artists and transform lives through music.

To achieve our mission, we pursue the following goals:

  • To create exciting opportunities for talented young artists to perform in world’s most prestigious concert halls.
  • To provide gifted young musicians with an opportunity to study with world class artists from all over the world in HKGNA Music Festivals.
  • To develop and promote excellence in the performing arts in Hong Kong and provide audiences with classical music of the highest standards.
  • To establish an HKGNA fellowship and mentorship program dedicated to developing and improving the lives of young people.
  • To design and offer other music and educational programs for disadvantaged and underprivileged youth to nurture their creative talent and empower them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Executive committee

Michelle Kim Founder & Artistic Director
Thomas Chai
Kate Cheung
Suzanne Chu
Candice Lee
Joanna Zeluck
Patrick Yeung
Stephanie Lai Creative Director
Vennie Chiu Arts Administrative Manager

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