HKGNA Fellowship


HKGNA Fellowship program facilitates the development of young performing artists and gives them the opportunity and challenge to assist economically disadvantaged youth with music development and mentorship. Working with community organizations or directly with youth, Fellows participate in youth outreach activities specific to the needs of young kids who have a genuine passion for music and in turn develop leadership and mentoring skills. These’ activities have included hands on engagement and interaction with underprivileged youth in teaching instrumental lessons, performing together on stage, and leading or participating in music educational development programs. As the central focus of HKGNA’s mission is to promote artistic excellence and community service, HKGNA pays the highest regard for each fellow’s individual contributions and talents. Fellows are included as featured performers in recitals and chamber concerts, and provided other performance opportunities for advancing the mission HKGNA.

HKGNA Fellows 2024

Annalise Mak is a student at Hong Kong International School, graduating in 2024. A gifted harpist, she has won top prizes at numerous international music competitions as a soloist across Asia, Europe and North America including First Prize (with Unanimous Felicitations of the Judges) at the French International Harp Competition, First Prize at the Singapore International HarpFest Competition, Bronze Medal at the Hong Kong International Harp Competition, and First Prize at the American Protégé International Concerto Competition. She made her debut at Carnegie Hall in 2017.

As an award-winning student of one of the most famous harpists in the world, Ms Dan Yu (the first Asian to ever win the Gold Medal at the USA International Harp Competition), Annalise has been featured in interviews and performances in the media and news such as in the South China Morning Post, ViuTV and Radio Television Hong Kong.

In 2022, she performed as the principal harpist for the HKGNA Music Festival Orchestra, and their performances were broadcast and livestreamed by South Korea’s CJENM tvN network, garnering a combined total audience of over 20 million people globally.

Annalise has also been a strong advocate of motivating and leading children and teenagers to use their abilities and talents to make meaningful impact on society in spite of their youth. Leading by example, she composed, performed and produced two albums of original piano music titled “Dreams of Spring” (released in 2018) and “Silver Linings and Promises” (released on Christmas Eve 2020). To date, these albums have exceeded half a million streams on Spotify alone and have listeners from over 75 countries. During the Covid-19 pandemic, all proceeds from both Annalise’s music albums went to support the work of local charities, Feeding Hong Kong and Food Angel.

Along with her sister, Elanna, she has also led young students in engaging and age-appropriate fundraising activities to sponsor over 100,000 meals for families facing food shortages during the pandemic years. Strengthening her commitment to address the issues of food security locally and globally, Annalise has been invited to be the sole Hong Kong delegate to the Global Youth Institute of the World Food Prize Foundation, an academic conference for young leaders focused on solving the world’s food security, availability and sustainability issues.

For excellence in her academic and other achievements, Annalise was selected as the youngest semi-finalist and finalist of the South China Morning Post’s prestigious Student of the Year Awards (Grand Prize Category) 2021 – 2022, eventually winning the Second Runner-Up prize.

HKGNA Fellows Alumni


Cameron Zeluck was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Jewish-American father and a Taiwanese mother. He began playing piano at the age of three, and has been playing ever since. He attended Chinese International School, where he led the CIS Jazz Band, and was a featured performer at numerous CIS outings. At CIS, he was exposed to HKGNA and became a fellow in Year 13. Cameron had three concerts in high school, the first at City Hall, the second at CIS (raising HK$17,000 for Kids4Kids in HK), and the third post-graduation at the Hong Kong Country Club.

He attended Princeton University, and graduated in 2018 with Honours in Economics. At Princeton, during his Sophomore year, he held one private concert focusing on 20th century music. During Cameron’s senior year, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He continued with school while commuting to New York for chemotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. After reaching remission in April 2018, the cancer returned in July, and Cameron underwent more treatment. He received an autologous stem cell transplant in October 2018, and was once again in remission in 2019. Cameron began working at Oliver Wyman in New York in January 2020.

Elanna Mak graduated from Hong Kong International School in 2022 and is in Stanford University’s Class of 2026. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Elanna has received numerous accolades on the piano and violin prior to learning the viola. In previous years, she has performed on stage with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and the Mantua Chamber Orchestra and in many music festivals.

A winner of several international music competitions as a soloist on both violin and viola, Elanna made her Carnegie Hall debut in 2018. She is also an active orchestra and chamber musician. She was the Principal Violist of the Asian Middle Schools Honor Orchestra 2018, comprising of students competitively selected from 34 international schools across Asia. She is now a Violin Soloist and also the Principal Violist of the elite chamber ensemble, Hong Kong Camerata Strings, which has been featured on Radio Television Hong Kong and TVB Hong Kong. Elanna also serves in several leadership positions in her school, including the role of Concertmaster of Hong Kong International School’s Orchestra.

In September 2020, Elanna was selected to receive the Hong Kong Next Generation (HKGNA) Fellowship for her excellence in music and her leadership qualities. In November 2020, Elanna was chosen to perform in “Music Heals!” as an HKGNA Fellow, which was sponsored and supported by the United States Consulate General of Hong Kong and Macau and the Chinese YMCA. “Music Heals!” is an online global music therapy series presented by HKGNA, to highlight the power of music therapy to improve the mental and socio-emotional well-being of the elderly, a sector of society that is disproportionately affected by social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to supporting causes through her music, Elanna has been a passionate advocate for community building and developing the youth in Hong Kong using her writing and oratory skills and other talents. She has been actively involved in charitable organizations such as Kids4Kids, Kids Against Poverty, and Hong Kong Arts with the Disabled.

In April 2020, Elanna was also featured in the South China Morning Post as a teenager making a positive impact on society. This was for working with a local charity, Hope of the City, and creating tailor-made exercise videos to benefit underprivileged families in extremely cramped living conditions during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Deepening her commitment to serve the Hong Kong community, Elanna, along with her sister Annalise, have been public champions of Feeding Hong Kong and Food Angel. These are two local charities dedicated to reducing food waste and combating food insecurity faced by thousands of families in Hong Kong. They have been featured five times on Radio Television Hong Kong – and also spotlighted elsewhere throughout social media – educating and inspiring children and teens to help feed families in need of food assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.