Nov 11 2015 (WED), 7:30pm

at Fringe Dairy, Hong Kong Fringe Club

“Hot A capella/Cool Jazz!” with Hong Kong’s favorite A cappella group, the Yat Po Singers, returning this season. And we’re thrilled to introduce one of the most internationally acclaimed German jazz groups, Trio Elf.

Trio Elf has truly reinvented the classic jazz piano trio in recent years with a signature warm acoustic sound augmented by the creative use of electronics.


Ticket Price: $150 | $130(in advance, Fringe members)

Ticketing Enquiries: Fringe Club Box Office (852) 2521 7251

Festival Artists

trioTrio Elf is one of the most internationally acclaimed German jazz groups‭. ‬It’s the only band from Germany that recently received‭ ‬a whole page in the American Downbeat‭, ‬the most famous Jazz magazine in the world‭. ‬

Trio Elf has truly re-invented the classic jazz piano trio in recent years by using grooves and sounds of contemporary club styles as a kickoff for improvisation‭. ‬Their warm acoustic sound is augmented by the creative use of electronics‭. ‬Trio Elf’s musical‭ ‬ease stems from melodies of an almost hymnic quality‭, ‬dazzling rhythms und surprising dynamic shifts arising from a collective‭ ‬breathing of three equal voices‭. 

yatpoYat Po Singers is the first professional a cappella choral theatre company in Hong Kong focusing on developing original theatrical works‭. ‬It was founded by the solid team of three Co-Artistic Directors‭ ‬‮!‬X composer Ng Cheuk Yin‭, ‬choral director Patrick Chiu‭ ‬and stage director/designer Yuri Ng‭ ‬‮!‬X and Executive Director‭ (‬Honorary‭), ‬Kathleen Ng‭.‬

The Company’s artistic mission is to promote a cappella art in Hong Kong‭, ‬especially among young people‭, ‬through original work by local artists that demonstrates the innovative interaction of music and theatre‭. ‬Young singers and school teachers who participate in the company’s productions and activities are nurtured through intensive rehearsals‭, ‬workshops‭, ‬and public performances‭.‬

In 2012‭ ‬and again in 2014‭, ‬Yat Po Singers received the Springboard Grants under the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme by‭ ‬the Home Affairs Bureau of the Government of HKSAR‭. ‬The company aims at enhancing the arts in Hong Kong at large‭, ‬in particular‭ ‬in audience building and arts education for professional performers and teachers‭.‬