Cash Prizes 現金獎

Junior Division 少兒組:

  • First Prize 冠軍 – HK$2,000
  • Second Prize 亞軍 – HK$1,000
  • Third Prize 季軍 – HK $500

Senior Division 少年組:

  • First Prize 冠軍 – HK$5,000
  • Second Prize 亞軍 – HK$2,500
  • Third Prize 季軍 – HK$ 1,000

Young Artist Division 新晉藝術家組:

  • Grand Prize 冠軍 – HK$8,000 Winner will be presented at Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall), New York, USA (並於紐約卡內基懷爾演奏廳獨奏表演)
  • Second Prize 亞軍 – HK$5,000
  • Third Prize 季軍  – HK $2,500

Jury Special Prize 評審特別大獎 : HK$8,000

HKGNA String Ensemble Prize HKGNA弦樂組合大獎

Selected Strings Semi-Finalists and Finalists will be invited to join HKGNA String Ensemble at the upcoming HKGNA Music Festival. Selection will be made by the Jury.

進入準決賽及決賽之弦樂選手將獲邀請組成 HKGNA弦樂組合,參加未來之 HKGNA 音樂節演出。

HKGNA Fellowship Award* HKGNA夥伴計畫*

Young Artist Division Semi-Finalists and Finalists who qualify for HKGNA’s Fellowship program will be invited to join in upcoming concert events and master classes. Artists who join the Fellowship Program will be given special consideration for concert opportunities such as the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall.

新晉藝術家組之準決賽及決賽選手如符合 HKGNA 夥伴計畫資格 ,將獲邀請參加未來之音樂會及大師班活動,或有機會獲得音樂會演出機會,包括在卡內基音樂廳登台演出機會。

*The HKGNA Fellowship program facilitates the development of young performing artists and gives them the opportunity and challenge to assist economically disadvantaged youth with music development and mentorship. Working with community organizations or directly with youth, Fellows participate in youth outreach activities specific to the needs of young kids who have a genuine passion for music and in turn develop leadership and mentoring skills. These’ activities have included hands on engagement and interaction with underprivileged youth in teaching instrumental lessons, performing together on stage, and leading or participating in music educational development programs.


Other Awards 其他獎項

  • All semi-finalists will receive the Certificate of Excellence and complimentary tickets to HKGNA Music Festival 2016 events. 所有準決賽者將獲頒發優異證書以及HKGNA音樂節2016贈票。
  • All prize winners will have the opportunity to participate in HKGNA Masterclasses and perform in HKGNA upcoming concert events. 所有獲獎者將獲機會參加 HKGNA 大師班及其他 HKGNA 音樂活動。
  • Selected applicants who didn’t pass the semi-final, but shows great promises and potential will also receive Honorable Mention Certificate and receive complimentary tickets to HKGNA Music Festival 2016. 俱有潛力而沒能進入決賽者,HKGNA 將頒發提名特別獎以及獲得HKGNA音樂節2016贈票。
  • Decisions of competition Jury are final.獲獎以評審決定為準。
  • All awards and prizes will be awarded unless there is an insufficient number of eligible participants in a particular category or the Jury determines that the quality of the competitor’s performance does not warrant a prize/award. If there is a tie for a Prize or Award, the prize will be shared equally between the winners. 所有獎項將按照規定頒發,除非有個別組別參賽者不足,或評審決定個別參賽者的表現不足以獲獎。如出現和賽結果,獎金將由獲獎者均分。