Congratulations to all the applicants on your wonderful playing live at MHK Music!

We were fortunate to have many outstanding performances this year. While there were many impressive performances, the competition committee has to make a difficult decision of selecting a small number of the very top performances to advance to the Final round.

HKGNA is proud to announce the names of Finalists of the Hong Kong Young Artists in the HKGNA International Music Competition 2021. They will have an opportunity to compete for Grand Prize.

For those who were not selected, thank you for your impressive performances.

Congratulations to all our Finalists! We look forward to your performance at the final competition on November 24 at Y-Theatre, Youth Square!

Announcement for Piano Finalists

Junior Division 

  • Jade CHAN
  • Wing Sze HO
  • Yui-Him MO 

Senior Division

  • Ching Hin KO
  • Rayming LAN
  • Jiahong LIN
  • Chin Wai LEUNG
  • Kin Hang WONG

Young Artists Division 

  • Pak Yu KWOK
  • Ying Yuet LEE
  • Anson Ying Shun WONG
  • Yip Wai Kit

Announcement for Strings Finalists

Junior Division 

  • Gabrielle Wai Yee CHAN [violin]
  • Nok Yiu CHUNG [violin]
  • Anna LI [violin]
  • Man Pan LO [violin]
  • Tsz Hin PEI [violin] 

Senior Division 

  • Hing Fei Sophie LEUNG [violin]
  • Hei Tung TAM [violin]
  • Lewis TANG [cello]
  • Sophie Long Sha TUNG [violin]
  • Ching Ho Mike WONG [violin]

Young Artists Division 

  • Chin Hei CHENG [violin]
  • Yijie DING [violin]
  • Tzu- Ming KUO [viola]

Announcement for Chamber Music Finalists


  • Group 1: Chun LAM James LI, Suet Yin Athena SHIU, Tzu-Ming KUO [2 violin, viola]
  • Group 2:Tsz Shing LIU, Chun Lam James LI, Yi Ki Erica WONG [piano, violin, cello]
  • Group 3: Yuen Ting Julia NG, Ka Ho Leo LI, Li Che WANG, Ho Cheung Gordon LIU [2 violin, Viola, cello]
  • Group 4: Lewis TANG, Yung Ting Talia CHEUNG [cello, harp](with no particular order)

Announcement for Jury Special Prize


  • Yi Jie DING [violin]
  • Chin Wai LEUNG [piano]

*alphabetical order by surname

Honourable Mention

HKGNA will also award Honorable Mention certificates to recognize applicants who did not advance through to the finals but have displayed notable potential in their musical performance.

  • Lok Tung CHAN [Junior Piano]
  • Sheung Yin Alvin HUI [Senior Piano]
  • Tsz Hin LAM [Young Artist Piano]
  • Cheuk Yin Koen LEE [Junior Violin]
  • Yan Lok KWONG [Senior Violin]