Congratulations to all the Semi-finalists on your magnificent playing!

Your performances were most impressive which made for a very difficult decision by our Competition committee of selecting names for the Finalists round.

While originally HKGNA was to award a single prize for Strings, due to the impressive level of performances for both Violin and Cello, the judges have decided to award separate prizes for each instrument Violin and Cello in both the junior and young artists division.

We are proud to announce the names of Finalists of the HKGNA International Young Artists Section of our International Music Competition 2021.

For those who were not selected, thank you for your interest in HKGNA and for your impressive performances. We encourage you to apply to our future HKGNA competitions and wish you great success in your future endeavours.

Congratulations to all our Finalists! We look forward to your performances at the competition!

Announcement for Piano Finalists

Junior Division 

  • Evan CHEN
  • Kyle DONG
  • Eric WANG

Announcement for Strings Finalists

Junior Violin Division 

  • Tae I PARK
  • Jeongyun WUI
  • Blues ZHANG

Junior Cello Division 

  • Yun Seo CHO
  • Dylan WU
  • Mila WYRICK

Young Artists Violin Division 

  • Seeun BAEK
  • Seo Bin BAEK
  • Hayoung CHOI
  • Jooha CHOI
  • Hyeonah HONG
  • Jaeyoun HWANG
  • Yeji HWANG
  • Youngji KIM
  • Yoonseo LEE
  • Hyein KOO
Young Artists Cello Division
  • Derek LOUIE
  • Soomin KIM
  • Yewon CHO