A huge congratulations to all our wonderful musicians who participated in The HKGNA Music Festival 2015. Brilliant, Inspiring and Sensational performances all around! Thank you to the artists, audience, sponsors, committee members, volunteers, staff and support.

We look forward to our next festival in 2016!



Following the success of last year’s HKGNA Music Festival 2014‭, ‬we are excited to launch our 2nd HKGNA Musical Festival called‭ “‬Music For Generations‭.” ‬It will be a fifteen days celebration of music bringing world-class artists to Hong Kong to perform with Hong Kong’s top musicians in a unique blend of artistic presentation and collaboration across multiple genres‭.‬‮ ‬‭ 

This year‭, ‬we have an even more impressive lineup of world-class artists participating in our festival‭. ‬We will be presenting Korean classical superstars in our‭ “‬Legends‭ -‬Today‭ & ‬Tomorrow‭” ‬concert including celebrated renowned cellist Myung-Wha Chung‭, ‬who will be returning to our festival‭. ‬Joining her are two of the best classical artists taking the world by storm‭, ‬2011‭ ‬Tchaikovsky‭ ‬and 2009‭ ‬Van Cliburn International Piano Competition winner Yeol Eum Son‭, ‬and violinist Zia Shin who won many top prizes including the First Prize of the Long-Thibaud International Violin Competition in Paris‭, ‬and the third prize at the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Belgium‭. 

In addition‭, ‬we are proud to present Leeds International Piano Competition Gold Medalist‭, ‬Ilya Itin‭, ‬in our‭ “‬Russian Romantics‭” ‬Concert‭. ‬Ilya has performed with many of the world’s great conductors‭, ‬including Sir Simon Rattle‭, ‬Christoph von Dohnanyi‭, ‬and Mikhail Pletnev and has performed with world-renowned orchestras including the Cleveland Orchestra‭, ‬St‭. ‬Petersburg Philharmonic Tokyo Symphony‭, ‬National Symphony at Kennedy Center and the London Philharmonic‭. ‬Ilya will also be collaborating with Hong Kong’s‭ ‬own Diocesan Girls‭’ ‬School Orchestra to promote our next generation of Hong Kong young performing artists‭. 

We will also have a night of‭ “‬Hot Acapella/Cool Jazz‭!” ‬with Hong Kong’s favorite Acapella group‭, ‬the Yat Po Singers‭, ‬returning this season‭. ‬And we’re thrilled to introduce one of the most internationally acclaimed German jazz groups‭, ‬Trio Elf‭. ‬Trio Elf has‭ ‬truly reinvented the classic jazz piano trio in recent years with a signature warm acoustic sound augmented by the creative use‭ ‬of electronics‭. 

The three concerts of three different genres‭ -‬classical‭, ‬jazz and acapella‭, ‬will be performed at the HKAPA Jockey Club Amphitheatre and Hong Kong Fringe Club‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬Masterclasses will be offered for free to those aspiring musicians looking to further develop their skills‭. ‬There will also be a free Music Therapy Workshop to promote personal wellness through music‭. ‬Music therapy experts will speak and demonstrate activities and techniques on how music can help develop cognitive‭, ‬emotional and social development‭. ‬We will also feature a young artist with autism as well as our HKGNA Musical Angels‭. ‬Each of our concerts and events‭ ‬promise to inspire audiences of all generations‭.‬

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