Nov 07, 2015 (Sat), 9:30am – 12:30nn

at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Rehersal Hall, CR2

Free Admission

In this workshop, experts will speak about how music can be used to communicate and heal those in need. They will also demonstrate the activities and techniques that can be used to help people of all ages improve cognitive, emotional and social skills. Guests will be invited to participate in the demonstrations. We will also feature our HKGNA Musical Angels from disadvantaged backgrounds to perform, great examples of how music therapy has impacted their lives!

Workshop Topics

  • Early years of Learning disability students ( ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia)
  • Autism, ASD and Aspergers
  • Aging-associated disease( Alzheimer and Dementia )

What is music therapy?
Music therapy is a unique method of creative communication that takes place within a relationship developed over a series of regular sessions. It can help people of all ages and abilities – from kids to elderly – but is often used when verbal skills are limited due to physical or learning disability, or they are unable to make use of a verbal therapy due to emotional distress.

Who can benefit
Because musical participation and response does not depend on the ability to speak, music therapy is a particularly effective clinical intervention for people who have difficulty communicating verbally. For people affected by disability, illness or injury, working with music therapists can be life-changing. Children with autism can develop emotional, social and communication skills. Someone with an acquired brain injury as the result of an accident can be helped to regain their speech.

Guest Speakers

jgreenbergDr. Jeremy H. Greenberg is Director of The Children’s Institute of Hong Kong. Previously, he served as Educational Coordinator at the Manhattan Children’s Center in New York where he has retained his role on the faculty advisory committee. He has worked as a special educator, supervisor, administrator, educational consultant, and behavior analyst providing education and training to New York and New Jersey schools. Dr. Greenberg’s professional certifications include Board Certified Behavior Analyst, New York State Education Department Permanent Special Education, School District Administrator, and Supervisor and Administrator of Schools. Dr. Greenberg earned three Masters’ degrees in special education and his doctorate in Special Education Applied Behavior Analysis from Teachers College Columbia University after earning a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. A member of the International Association for Behavior Analysis Convention since 1993, he has multiple publications in professional journals in his field. In 2010, he founded the Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis and has been faculty coordinator for the Approved Course Sequence from the Behavior Analysis Certification Board at Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2012. Awards include Society of Advancement of Behavior Analysis International Development Award 2010 and the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Ira Dan Kaye Charitable Service Award 2013.

christinaChristina received her music therapy training at University of Western Sydney, Australia and completed her clinical training at Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, Australia, where she worked with children with special education needs, adolescent and adult mental health, adult disability, elderly with dementia and brain injury rehabilitation. Before her study in music therapy, she graduated from the Master of Arts in Music (major in Music for Young Children) in Hong Kong Baptist University and Master of Education in the Open University of Hong Kong. With her interest in working with young children, she is now working with children with autism, ADHD, developmental delay, learning disability, and adolescents with challenging behaviors to help them controlling their emotion and to help them building their social interaction skills.

Registered Music Therapist
Master of Creative Music Therapy
Master of Arts in Music
Master of Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Music Therapy Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Associate Diploma of Australia (Piano)
Associate of Trinity College London (Piano Recital)

wingsuenWing-suen’s interest in sound therapy began in 2007, when she experienced the profound effects of this natural way of healing. In 2011, she chanced to meet Barbara Hero, inventor of the Lambdoma keyboard, and was immediately drawn to the keyboard and its pure energy. Subsequently, she followed Barbara to study the application of the Lambdoma keyboard.

In late 2011, Wing-suen experienced a strong feeling from within that led her to a life of helping others in an entirely new way. In 2012, she quitted her consulting job and set up Soundlight Studio. With the help of the Lambodma keyboard, she devotes herself totally to the service of humanity, providing guidance and insights to people who need directions in their life. Her teacher, Barbara, once commented: “Wing Suen Yiu is herself a living source of unconditional love. She is devoting her being and life work to helping others find their soul selves using her own methods to benefit them.” (quoted from Barbara’s testimonial to Wing-suen). It is Wing-suen’s hope to bring balance and harmony to one’s mind, body and soul.