Musical Angel Program

The heart of HKGNA has been its Musical Angel Program, where we offer music education to disadvantaged youth who have experienced difficulties in their lives. Given the chance to develop artistically, many achieve a surprising level of excellence in a very short period of time. HKGNA has been serving organizations such as St. Stephen’s Society and Operation Dawn, rehab centers for disadvantaged youth, as well as Arts with the Disabled Association HK, in which we provide music training and development to visually-impaired young artists.

HKGNA Fellowship

HKGNA Fellowship program facilitates the development of young performing artists and gives them the opportunity and challenge to assist economically disadvantaged youth with music development and mentorship. Working with community organizations or directly with youth, Fellows participate in youth outreach activities specific to the needs of young kids who have a genuine passion for music and in turn develop leadership and mentoring skills. These’ activities have included hands on engagement and interaction with underprivileged youth in teaching instrumental lessons, performing together on stage, and leading or participating in music educational development programs. As the central focus of HKGNA’s mission is to promote artistic excellence and community service, HKGNA pays the highest regard for each fellow’s individual contributions and talents. Fellows are included as featured performers in recitals and chamber concerts, and provided other performance opportunities for advancing the mission HKGNA.

HKGNA Music Competition

The HKGNA Music competition is open to youth of all backgrounds. Winners of the Music Competitions are offered the chance to perform locally and in world-renowned stages such as Carnegie Hall.

HKGNA Youth Talk

HKGNA Youth Talk brings young student leaders to the forefront to find their voice and inspire young people to take action. Our aim is to encourage and equip young people to find their voice and express themselves and take action to make a positive impact on society.

Through HKGNA Youth Talk, young leaders will have a platform to share short talks on what they do best, whether in music or other endeavors, serving both as a source of knowledge and inspiration for youth around the globe.

At HKGNA Youth Talk we believe that by investing in the development of today’s young student leaders, we are shaping a brighter and more promising future for HK and beyond.

HKGNA Young Virtuosi

HKGNA Young Virtuosi, a premier group of amazing young artists who were selected from the HKGNA International Music Competition!